6 tracks, a 360º view

Circular Economy Hotspot Catalonia 2021

The 2021 edition was built on a framework of 6 tracks, which together provided a comprehensive view of the current state of circular economy solutions in both Catalonia and Europe.


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Circular design: Dematerialising the Economy

Rethinking the design industry. Sustainable consumption and production with new materials, products and business models.

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Closing the circle of materials, components, and products: re-making the economy

Resource circularity. Promotion of waste prevention. Repair, reuse, remake, and recycle. Collaborative industrial strategies.

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Bioeconomy: A Regenerative System

Sustainable management of natural resources. Sustainable food production, prevention of food waste. Biotechnology and biomaterials, including bioplastics.

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Industry 4.0: Enabling Technologies

Innovating and creating new markets thanks to disruptive technologies and the digitisation of industry. Interconnection and transparency in processes, products, and services; traceability of materials and components.

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Research and innovation: Connecting Actors

Providing innovative solutions. Collaborative research and innovation as strategies in solving systemic challenges.

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Inclusive circularity: Creating Social Value

Facing up to social and environmental challenges. Third sector Involvement and public participation.

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