A sustainable event

Five initiatives for a sustainable event

Catalonia is involved in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Circular Economy Hotspot Catalonia 2021 aimed to minimize the environmental impact of its event and as such contribute to SDG 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production, and SDG 13: Climate Action. In order to do so, a Sustainability Plan for the event was developed with aims, actions and monitoring indicators.

This is how we did it:​

Commitment to sustainable companies

The companies that were involved in the event share the organization’s commitment to holding a sustainable event and complete greening training. Many companies also have environmental management systems such as EMAS.

Sustainable mobility

We encouraged use of public transport and bicycles and, only when necessary, use shared transport vehicles with low emissions.

Dematerialization, use of low impact materials and recycling

We didn’t print our programmes. Lanyard ribbons, passes and holders were made from recycled and recyclable materials and our participants were able to return them to be reused or recycled. All spaces had sorting containers for generated waste. Signs and decorations were made from materials that were produced with a low environmental impact and were reused after the event.

Sustainable food service

In order to avoid waste, menus served during the event were designed to avoid excess. In the case of a surplus, food was donated to a third-sector social entity. We avoided single-use plastic bottles and packaging in the event’s menus and ceremonies, all while respecting protective sanitary measures for COVID-19.

CO2 emissions

We reduced the event’s CO2 emissions through sustainable mobility, dematerialization, efficient energy measures in the event’s celebration spaces or through using materials with a low environmental impact. We also calculated all CO2 emissions generated throughout the event.

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