Open Call for CE Hotspot 2023

Host Circular Economy Hotspot 2023

The Circular Economy Hotspot community launches an open call to find a host for its 2023 edition, offering governments the ideal opportunity to highlight local circular practices, from business models and innovative industrial solutions to progressive regional and national policies.

What is the concept?

This globetrotting event aims to highlight innovative circular economy practices. Its international and diverse outlook promotes an exchange of ideas and experiences between policymakers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and captains of industry from the host country and beyond.

The Circular Economy Hotspot was first organised in the Netherlands in 2016. From there the concept travelled to Scotland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and this year will be hosted in Catalonia. Each host puts together a programme that highlights how their country or region is contributing to the transition towards a circular economy.

How can your government apply?

National and regional governments from all over the world can send in their applications up until 9th November 2021.

Candidates will be invited to present their case on the morning of 15th November 2021 to former, current, and future CE hotspot organisers. Each candidate will have 10 minutes to put forward their case for hosting in 2023. On 17th November, the jury’s decision will be announced by a high-level representative of the Government of Catalonia during the concluding plenary session of CE Hotspot Catalonia 2021.


Is your country or region a front-runner when it comes to the Circular Economy?

Submit your application now and become part of the CE Hotspot family. The application deadline is 9th November 2021.
Call for hosting the Circular Economy Hotspot 2023 opens

1st September

Deadline to submit your application

9th November

Candidates to promote their candidacy

15th November

Host of the CE Hotspot 2023 unveiled

18th November

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