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Barcelona Biomedical Research ParkTuesday, November 1618:30h - 21:30h
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Barcelona Biomedical Research Park
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18:30h - 21:30h
19:00h - 20:30h
THE BARCELONA METROPOLITAN AREA (AMB), the public administration of the metropolitan area of Barcelona

AMB is the public administration of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, a large urban conurbation with a population of over 3.2 million which generates half of the Catalonia’s GDP. The AMB powers are related to urban planning, mobility, environment, waste management, Integrated water cycle and economic development. This central position in the articulation of metropolitan metabolic flows is an opportunity to boost environmental improvement strategies. Thus, the AMB will present its main projects to promote the circular economy among its productive activities, with special attention to waste flows, raw materials, energy and water.


19:00h - 20:30h
BARCELONA PROVINCIAL COUNCIL (DIBA), Network of Cities and Towns towards Sustainability

The Network of Cities and Towns towards Sustainability is an association of more than 300 municipalities committed to the environment to advance towards sustainable development. It has an action plan and a working group on Circular economy at the local level.


19:00h - 20:30h
BARCELONA ACTIVA, the local economic development agency of Barcelona

Barcelona Activa focuses on boosting sectors which are considered strategic as the blue and the green economy, economy of proximity, industry 4.0, among others.



19:00h - 20:30h
CONSORCI MARESME, Parc Circular Mataró-Maresme

"Parc Circular Mataró-Maresme" is a public initiative that aims to promote a circular way of production of goods and services. The Park is structured in different but related parts: a building dedicated to citizen awareness around waste prevention though repair, lending and reuse, waste management of bulky waste with recycling and preparation for reuse, and the biggest part of the park focus on the set up of business with a clear circular approach to manufacturing and servicing of products.



19:00h - 20:30h
CCVOC, the Regional Council of Vallès Occidental. Vallès Circular Agreement

Territorial administration that groups 23 municipalities, with 937,508 inhabitants and 24,639 companies. It stands out for the concentration and diversity of entities linked to knowledge, training, research, the business and social world. In 2017, the Vallès Circular Agreement was signed, in public-private collaboration, to promote the circular economy, with a comprehensive vision. There are ongoing projects in various fields: circular economic activity, sustainable consumption, energy transition, food sustainability, promotion of circular cities and intelligent management and recovery of waste.


19:00h - 20:30h
AMBIT B30. B30 Circle Scan supports circular economy as a mean for change and social progress

The Ambit B30 Association works to consolidate, grow and promote the B30 axis, a geographical area within the metropolitan region of Barcelona of great economic and industrial vitality, with a wealth of knowledge and innovative capacity. One of their main objectives is to support the circular economy as a means for change and economic and social progress. Since 2017, they have commissioned several projects aimed at implementing circular economy solutions at a local level. One of the lighthouse projects was the B30 Circle Scan: an analysis of the potential of the circular economy in the region. The Scan defined a roadmap, identifying the opportunities and starting points for fostering the circular transition.


19:00h - 20:30h
THE GOVERNMENT OF ANDORRA, The circular economy law which represents Andorra’s commitment to a new economic model

The Government of Andorra has entered into parliamentary proceedings the circular economy law which represents Andorra’s commitment to a new economic model in line with the achievement of more sustainable development. The law aims to create the framework and structures necessary to move towards the circular economy in Andorra by promoting a more sustainable consumption of goods and services, boosting the circular economy in the main productive sectors of the country and establishing a management policy of waste with the aim of reducing the generation of the same and increase the recycling, with a strong implication of the public administrations.


19:00h - 20:30h
THE CITY OF GAVÀ, HUB ECCUS Circular Economy and Sustainable Urban Cities

The city of Gavà has a firm commitment to sustainability and the necessary transformation of the economy through the prioritization and promotion of policies such as the circular economy and the social economy as:
- the reuse of non-potable water through the installation of an Aqualinera.
- the Ecoindústria Project for awareness, training and advice on the circular economy in local industry.
- innovative projects together with the Castelldefels City Council for the use of Artificial Intelligence in adaptation to Climate Change.
- Gavà also organizes an annual transfer of circular experiences, which now has three editions.
During the period of confinement of the Covid19, Gavà founded together with other partners a national HUB, HUB ECCUS Circular Economy and Sustainable Urban Cities to promote innovative circular initiatives in a collaborative way.