Fashion & Textile
Av Rius i Taulet 12 - Destination: MaresmeTuesday, November 1608:00h - 18:00h
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Av Rius i Taulet 12 - Destination: Maresme
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08:00h - 18:00h
Visit | ARPE, Specialists in designing, weaving, cutting, printing, and manufacturing customized textile products

Leading European Brand specialist in making, printing and designing microfiber towels and other sustainable promotional textiles, European manufacturing since 1991.


08:00h - 18:00h
Visit | HALLOTEX, Socially and environmentally responsible design and manufacturing of yarns, fabrics and garments

We create yarns, fabrics and garments.
Through a story of constant innovation, the anticipation of the needs of our clients keeps being our priority.
As participants of the textile industry, we are responsible for the agricultural and the environmental impact that it causes.
Today, our mission is defined by passion and commitment to design quality garments with the highest sustainable standards.
Our goal is to keep building future while promoting a change in order to improve the textile world.


08:00h - 18:00h
Visit | REIMAGINE TEXTIL, A business innovation program for the textile industry promoted by the City of Mataró, the TecnoCampus and the Eurecat technology centre

Reimagina textile brings new incubation facilities and a Textile Manufacturing and Prototyping Laboratory (FabLAB) available to entrepreneurs, startups and companies in the textile sector, for the generation of new companies and the testing of new business models and prototyping of innovative products.


08:00h - 18:00h
Presentation | REIMAGINE TEXTIL | NEWEX, Specialists in sustainable canyoning suits

We have developed the first sustainable suit 100% specialized in canyoning made in Spain. In addition to that we apply circular economy models to give our products a second life.


08:00h - 18:00h
Presentation | REIMAGINE TEXTIL | OWL, Responsible urban clothing.

Focused on micromobility and streetwear, Owl is a design study that works with sustainable materials. We practice upcycling, we are local and we care about our community and the environment.


08:00h - 18:00h
Presentation | REIMAGINE TEXTIL | LESSER YOGA, Vegan and sustainable yoga clothing brand with cosmetic fabrics made from seacell, lyocell and zinc, as well as GOTS certified organic cottons

We do produce innovative fabrics that offer natural properties, ideal for regenerating, protecting and hydrating the skin. With the commitment to favor the environment and people, the garments are made in local workshops with breathable, antibacterial, organic and biodegradable fabrics, promoting responsible and conscious consumption.

08:00h - 18:00h
Presentation | REIMAGINE TEXTIL | INFINITE ATHLETIC, first sustainable brand for Tennis players recycling their own waste

First sustainable clothing brand in the world of tennis, which takes advantage of a material that had never been recycled before, the racquet strings, to transform them into a new polymer, thread and sportswear with all the technical characteristics for the practice of tennis, which in turn, will be infinitely recycled without consuming natural resources.


08:00h - 18:00h
Presentation | REIMAGINE TEXTIL | THE RUNNING REPUBLIC, the apparel brand for the conscious and activist runner

We ethically produce in Europe only with post-consumer recycled materials and plastic trash collected from the environment.


08:00h - 18:00h
Presentation | REIMAGINE TEXTIL | JÚLIA G ESCRIBÀ, a clothing brand from Barcelona that incorporates a thermoregulatory technology developed for the NASA (Outlast®️)

We create genderless and timeless urban clothing that adapts to the temperature that our body needs.
By creating timeless, genderless collections using Outlast ® technology, we reduce the need for so many pieces of clothing and in turn reduce textile consumption and the pollution of the texile industry the second most polluting on the planet. The project was created to respond to the climate emergency and help raise awareness in the fashion industry. Solutions need to be found. As the UN says, the earth's temperature will rise until 2050, making human life on the planet difficult.