Biomedical Research Park - BarcelonaTuesday, November 1618:30h - 21:30h
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Biomedical Research Park - Barcelona
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18:30h - 21:30h
19:00h - 20:30h
AGENCIA DE L’HABITATGE DE CATALUNYA (AHC). Public entity of the Catalan Regional Government, develops, implements, and manages housing and polices in Catalan Region.

Circularity is introduced through public procurement with life cycle perspective for building renovation and dwellings maintenance; and through the implementation of national and regional housing policies related on building quality. AHC is working to introduce circularity indicators in project design and maintenance software to be able to asses, meter and improve circularity of existing buildings.


19:00h - 20:30h
INDRESMAT, chemical startup that develops building thermal materials

INDRESMAT is a chemical startup that develops bioPUR (bio-polyurethane) materials to improve the efficiency of the thermal envelope of buildings, with products such as profiles and frames for highly energy efficient windows & doors (KLIMA-PUR), as well as foams and insulation panels for walls, roof and floor with highly improved safety in case of fire (SAFE-PUR). In this way, INDRESMAT addresses 100% of the heat loss in the envelope, estimating a 70% reduction in energy demand related to heating and cooling activities of buildings and houses (the major emitters of global CO2).



19:00h - 20:30h
BREINCO, urban furniture and manufacture of concrete elements for construction

Design as the starting point and sustainability as the ultimate goal. This is Breinco's philosophy when tackling new projects. The use of recycled materials and the optimisation of production processes are some examples. Our commitment goes beyond the finished product, as we are committed to flexible, modular, reusable and recyclable construction systems.


19:00h - 20:30h
CAATEEB, Barcelona chartered association of the Quantity Surveyors, Architectural Technicians and Building Engineers

The CAATEEB is working in two CE projects:
• DAPcons: the goal of this project is to bring together those manufacturing companies that wish to commit themselves to the environmental improvement of their production processes.
• MARKETcons, a marketplace of second-hand construction materials that prolong the life-time expectancy of used materials, reducing the waste generation during the building construction or renovation.


19:00h - 20:30h
Presentation | TRANSFOLAB. Center focused on design, innovation, production and experimentation with waste, the circular economy and environmental sustainability

TransfoLAB BCN is a centre dedicated to the creative ecosystem in Barcelona that basically offer the space and support to makers, designers, architects, artists, students, DIY hobbyists and creative enthusiasts looking for an environment to develop and design their ideas or projects. We offer support throughout the whole life cycle of the projects, including conception, planning, prototyping, production and promotion.