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15-18 November 2021

Europe's leading circular economy event goes virtual in 2020

In light of the uncertain situation due to COVID-19, Circular Economy Hotspot Catalonia has been postponed until next year. To maintain the hotspot momentum, and to keep the circular economy community engaged, an online conference will be held on November 19, 2020.

We return to Barcelona in 2021 where we will be able to learn, connect, and create value in person once again.

19 November 2020

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Circular Economy Hotspot Catalonia

This exciting 2020 online conference will connect you with representatives of both the business and public sectors from Catalonia and around the world, to talk about the latest successful business initiatives, projects focussed on R&D and innovation, and government strategies and collaborations.


TH 19 November
ICO_CLOCK 10am - 12pm
  • 10.00AM
    Welcome by Peter Woodward, Conference Facilitator and Quest Associates Director

    Address by Mr. Damià Calvet i Valera, Minister for Territory and Sustainability, Government of Catalonia
  • 10.10AM
    Together Going Circular
    Looking back and forward to the CE Hotspot
  • 10.15AM
    Circularity is the answer
    Introduction by Marta Subirà i Roca, Secretary for Environment and Sustainability, Government of Catalonia

    Why Green Swans must go in circles
    Keynote speech by John Elkington, Founder & Chief Pollinator, Volans

    Live conversation with...

    · Mercè Conesa, President of the Port of Barcelona
    · Edgar Costa, Head of Sustainability, SEAT
    · Kęstutis Sadauskas, Director for Circular Economy and Green Growth, European Commission
    · Xavier Torra i Balcells, President of Eurecat-Technology Centre of Catalonia

    Dialogue with audience
  • 11.35AM
    Top 100 CE Examples in Catalonia
    Joan Romero i Circuns, Catalonia Trade & Investment CEO, Government of Catalonia
  • 11.45AM
    Address by Mr. Ramon Tremosa i Balcells, Minister for Business and Knowledge, Government of Catalonia
  • 11.50AM
    Final remarks: What to expect at the CE Hotspot Catalonia 2021

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